Products: Refractory Materials


Kiln Furniture

Refraline International  is a stockist of a wide range of kiln furniture for the Ceramic Industry. Products from world leading suppliers include corderite-mullite and Silicon carbide kiln batts.

Batts, props, plate cranks, plate saggers and profile setters and sintertrays are being supplied.

The batts come as a dry pressed or an extruded form.


Induction Furnace Lining

Refraline International stocks the finest silica induction furnace linings, complemented by a high alumina induction furnace lining. To complement the range, we stock the full range of castables, plastic rammables, coil grout, slip plain, induction furnace formers and ceramic fibre blanket. 


Insulating Fire Brick

Grades: YK23, YK24, YK25, YK26, YK28, YK30, YK32

The insulating fire bricks are ideally suited as a back up insulation and for the lining of pottery kilns or the like, the bricks groove easly for element placement


Ceramic Fibre Products

A wide range of Ceramic Fibre Products are available such as Ceramic Fibre Blanket, Bulk Fibre, Ceramic Fibre Modules, Ceramic Fibre Paper, Ceramic Fibre Board, Ceramic Fibre Rope and Vacuum formed shapes. 

Grades: 980°C, 1260°C and 1430°C  Density [kg/m3]: 96, 128

Thicknesses [mm]: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 13, 25, 50

Calcium Silicate Board

Thicknesses [mm]: 25, 40, 50, 75, 100

The boards are easily installed and can be cut to shape with ease, offering excellent insulation properties.

Microporous Insulation

Microporous thermal insulation products are superb insulation products.

Thermal conductivity [W/mK]: <0.05


Refraline International manufactures a full range of conventional, low cement, ultra low cement, no cement, gel-bonded and colloidal silica castables, as well as gunning mixes ranging from 1350 °C to 1800 °C. We also produce a variety of insulating castables, ramming mixes and tap-hole clays. The company focuses on speciality products and customer specific designed refractory products with the aim to improve operations. Our fully equipped laboratory and research team is applying the latest bonding systems to bring state of the art refractory products to our clients. Our Team of experts challenges existing practices to bring cost effective solutions that work to our customers.


Refractory Bricks


Alumina Silicate, High Alumina, Silicate, Mag-Chrome, Magenesite, Mag-Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Carbon, Graphite, Mag-Spinell.

Refraline is a stockist of a wide range of refractory bricks which include normal duty (ND), regular duty (RD), super duty (SD), 60% to 90% Alumina.

The bricks are sourced from quality suppliers throughout the world.


Stainless Steel Fibres are added to refractory mixes such as castables and gunning mixes to reinforce and improve the flexual strength of the monolithic refractory lining, resulting in an improved reduction of cracks in the lining. Common grades are 446, 430, 304, 310, 330 and HT special Grade. The fibres are available in Melt-extract, Slit-sheet and Drawn-wire shapes.

Refraline International  is a stockist of a wide range of Stainles Steel Fibres.